Tuesday, October 11, 2005

do you podcast?

yahoo just started this site:


listen to the number 4. it's pretty interesting...the guy is hindu punjabi!

i searched for "punjabi" "sikh" and "panjabi" and i only found a couple of podcasts. it's a really good idea.

but anyways...i'been working on some stuff for project: gurmukhi....the "surprise" is sooooo much more tedious than i thought was going to be...but it's coming along just fine and i think once i complete one of these...i think i can actually streamline the process. so gimme a bit more time.

but i have these Gurmukhi books that my dad just brought back from punjab. they are soooooo much better than the ones that my mom brought. i don't mean to be racist but these were my instructions to my dad "only buy the ones that are published/created/written by sikhs" and i guess i was right. i keep arguing with people on the net that Gurmukhi is most important to Sikhs and no other sect of people. Hindus or any other group of people have no vested interest in Gurmukhi.

anyways...i think i'm going to start selling them at cost (whatever is written on the book)...i don't want any excuses!!! i will make no profit at all from this...no, i won't be taking any money for my time either....this is just another way to promote Gurmukhi. BTW, my one year loves these books. and my wife is learning Gurmukhi along (with her).

These books are ONLY 15 rupees per book and the quality is so much better than what i've seen...

look for a web site for this project early next year (yes, i'm actually being realistic about this) :)...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

There's been an earthquake

and i think punjab was one of the states that was hit...

does anyone know anything more? i can't find anything more on this...


Thursday, October 06, 2005

A good link or two

i'll make a list of links that i find later but here's another good one or two...

http://punjabgovt.nic.in/punjabataglance/TouristInformation.htm (very easy to feel good about starting with the banner! )

http://www.amritsar.com (i'm not sure about this one...it kinda looks shady but does provide some good info)

i haven't had a chance to work on much...(can't do real work at all from monday to thursday other than collect information and network)