Tuesday, September 27, 2005

the reason...

Well...on Friday my daughter got sick for the first time in her life and I spent the next 24 hours chasing her around the house with a tissue...on Saturday I had caught the bug as well and still have it without any let up and so does my wife...the only person who's not sick in my extended family (my parents live nearby) is my rug rat daughter...our house is a one big tissue box!

Sat Nam!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

A link


This is straight from punjab. It's always nice to see our brothers and sisters making strides in the tech field...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

:( no, not yet!

i underestimated the time it was going to take to finish up. it's those darn details!!!!!! so i ended up strugling through the weekend. i'been working on this since friday. i am making progress but it's taking much longer than i had anticipated. btw, i'm a perfectionist!

But on the bright side...someone else approached me about the dictionary project...i haven't responded because i was trying to finish this up. so we're getting some momentum behind the dictionary project.

okay gotta go get back to finishing up...ummmmm my next guess is as late as next weekend, as early as tomorrow (depends on how much time i spend on it)....

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Finally! i'm on the verge of completing something for Project Gurmukhi. It's a surprise so please come back Sunday night or monday morning to check it out here on this blog.

Fight illitracy! Learn Gurmukhi!

slowly but surely!
Sat Nam!

Friday, September 09, 2005

What's taking so long?

well, i did what i said i was going to do. wrote the reqs. and sent it to the vendors but haven't heard back. i'll call them this weekend.

ohh on a personal note: my daughter who's 10.5 months old is WALKING!!!!! no not standing or taking few steps but full blow WALKING!!! she's had a couple of bloody lips but she's a tough cookie unlike her daddy and a lot like her mommy! i really try hard to keep my personal life out of this blog but it's so hard especially when you're excited about something and you don't have time to create another blog. i'll try to create another personal blog...i had one for my daughter but i or blogger can't seem to remember the username and password...so i can't edit it anymore. anyways the football season is upon us(americans). every saturday, the day before my team plays, i can't sleep at night and usually stay up all night! i'm not exaggerating. the anticipation just kills me. BUT it allows me to work on stuff (to kill time)...:)))))) yeah yeah i know some of you believe that sports were created to keep the common folks distracted and away from real issues...even so...can't a man have one flaw???:))) of course i kid! :)