Sunday, July 31, 2005

End of Day 2

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  • Well I finished the Database design (on a second thought I won't be putting the Schema on the web but if any sikh brother and sister wants to help/ even take the lead on this project I'll be more than willing to share).
  • I got the english dictionary online from somewhere I forget the site's name but it was for free under the GNU licensing.
  • I registered a "catchy" domain name :) I have so many domain names it's not funny!

Tomorrow night I'm going to call Ajit newspaper and other contacts overseas. I'll post whatever comes out of those "meetings".

Personal note of the day: Asise Kaur, my 9 month old daughter went up the stairs and came down a stair...big day in the Singh household :)

Day 2

i'll post the project plan and i'm hoping by the end of next weekend (a 3 day weekend for me) i should have a prototype up and running just to collect information.

i was thinking about calling up Ajit (newspaper) in jalandhar since they're the only major publication(that i know of) that posts gurmukhi on web on that scale(on monday). and see if they can give me pointers on this project. in return i'll help them with their mysql server problems.

also, i want to do this right. i don't just want a single punjabi word with an english word translation. i want to go the whole ten yards. i keep coming up with new things to add to the project. so i figured i take apart microsoft word dictionary and see how they did theirs.

so far i have:
word: synonyms : english translation, synonyms and a sentence
word's other form (adjective, verb and so on...)
and a sentence
because it's going to be almost impossible to go back and add all this in. it'll be a slow process (to build the dictionary) but it'll be worth the wait i think.

Saturday, July 30, 2005



This blog is for the project "Gurmukhi Dictionary". I will post updates on this blog and you can post suggestions and comments. Tonight (EDT) I will post the schema for the database that'll used to host the words and phrases. If you want to submit a file of words/meanings you should submit in this format:

punjabi word (in gurmukhi font): punjabi word synonyms (gurmukhi font): english word: english word synonyms

For example:

tur : qur, cl : walk, stroll

use it in a sentence:

myh qurn] hy]: i wan to walk