Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Job/Work Posting for Sikhs in Punjab

If anyone's in punjab is interested in $100 web site design work please email me...I get these small jobs (most of them less than $500) quite a bit but have to turn them down due to other priorities. So if you live in Punjab and are Sikh and can do web work please let me know...there's more where this came from.

This particular job is for a tax person who just wants to create a better looking, functioning web site.


Ps...Project: Gurmukhi is still alive and kicking...just hang on...i promise there'll be a lot more action soon...

Friday, December 16, 2005

Using the Punjabi Learning Site

it's a bit hard to navigate but once you know where the bulk of the stuff is it's easier from there:

if you look at the "Projects Completed" on the top right want to click on the first link.

and then there's a top navigation bar in blue...white text...and when you rollover the text in the nav'll see a sub menu...

one of the really awesome things i found was this page:

it has 3 animated Punjabi can we forget the Kaa(n)/crow that wouldn't give up!

i can't wait to test it out on my daughter...:)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Great News!!!!

Dr. Lehal has just informed us that

is up and running. Please visit if you have any desire of learning Gurmukhi.

i'm not feeling well right didn't have the chance to actually pull up cool stuff like


This is soooooo GREAT!!!!! Thank you Dr. Lehal!